BAM Construction have partnered with Collecteco to donate their surplus furniture, equipment and materials to good causes across the UK.

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“Collecteco have been nice and easy to work with, and it’s great to see our materials going to a second home rather than being disposed of. I’m looking forward to providing Collecteco with further materials in the near future and will be intrigued as to what good causes they help next.”

David Hartley

Project Manager, BAM Construction

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Cabinets From BAM Construction

Office Furniture Donated

Sofas From BAM Construction

Sofas Donated

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Value Donated To The Community


CO2e Avoided


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Good Causes Supported

Soft Seating From BAM Construction

Soft Seating Donated

Hoarding From BAM Construction

Hoarding Donated

BAM - Over 26,000kgCO2e Avoided

Testimonials From Good Causes

The Book Bus Foundation

“The office furniture received will enable us to create classroom and library spaces dedicated to improving child literacy in Zambia.”

David Gordon

CEO, The Book Bus Foundation

NHS Property Services

“Firstly, thanks so much for the furniture that we received from St Albans. So great!”

Sue Tappendan

Freelancer, NHS Property Services

Heston Lions Club

“The donation of hoarding we received from BAM is being used on a local Hestons Lions Club project to help the community refurbish Dormers Wells Infant & Junior School in Southhall. When that project is done, we will look to reuse it on other refurbishment projects, so this kind donation will really continue benefit our organisation and support the local community. Thank you!”

Jatinder Kaur

Lion President, Heston Lions Club

The Youth Factor

“We were trying to set up a youth club from scratch and thanks to your kind donations we have been able to do that. The Youth Factor in Wales is a community youth group which is led by inspiring youths in their local community. The donations of furniture will help to support our youth services, offering people opportunities to learn useful skills in a range of fields. When you start from nothing we appreciate everything. Thank you!”

Lynne Colaton

Project Co-ordinator, The Youth Factor

The Willows Centre
The Willows Centre

“Thank you for the donation of furniture to our community centre. The items will greatly benefit the local community and help to support our community groups in Wales.”

Lynne Colaton

H Factor Project Co-ordinator, The Willows Centre

Does your company have surplus furniture, equipment and materials to donate?

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