Helping companies donate furniture & equipment

Social value, net zero & circular economy benefits

Collecteco partners with companies across the UK to generate social value, net zero and circular economy benefits by donating furniture and equipment to charities, schools, community groups, NHS trusts and other not for profit good causes.

We donate our clients’ surplus kit to 1,000s of good causes across the UK who are actively searching for furniture and equipment donations.

We report back on the social value, net zero and circular economy benefits of every donation project and detail where clients’ donations have supported the community. We are also happy to directly introduce our clients to recipient good causes for further social value opportunities.

Please get in touch if your company has surplus furniture and equipment to donate to good causes across the UK.


Why Donate Surplus Furniture?

Good for the environment

By reducing waste, raw material consumption and CO2 used to produce, package and transport new products.

Good for business

By generating a social value, net zero and circular economy report that demonstrates to your staff, clients and the wider community that you care.

Good for the community

By distributing quality kit to good causes so that they can focus their funds on carrying out core work.

Case studies


Value Donated To The Community


CO2e Avoided


Diverted From Landfill

One of the good cause supported by Zurich:

“Wow! Fantastic office furniture donation to The Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust. We have saved in excess of 500 items going to landfill and most likely saved over £60,000 in purchasing items. Thank you to Collecteco and the company that have kindly donated these much needed items. They will help our NHS staff make a difference. So many smiles today after our last delivery of items. Thank you!”

– Alexander Ford, Sustainable Travel Plan Coordinator at the Trust