ISG approached Collecteco to arrange reuse of a ceiling system fitted as part of a speculative fit-out on a client’s premises, including tiles, lighting, vents and insulation. In partnership with Collecteco the ceiling was donated to good causes  in need of useful reusable materials for their local community. ISG have also donated office furniture to support further good causes across the UK.


The Results


Value Donated To The Community


CO2e Avoided


Diverted From Landfill


Good Causes Supported

ISG Ceiling Donation - Before
ISG Ceiling Donation - After
ISG - Over 145,000kg of carbon avoided

Testimonials from good causes

The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Church

“I received an email from your organisation and was amazed at the timing. We were moving from our premises into a large warehouse. This was being done on a budget and the facility we were moving to was a lot bigger. Over the years we’ve actively worked with addicts of various types and the facility will accelerate our growth. The ceiling tiles will also help our heating cost.”

Paul Boddy

The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Church

Wimblington & Stonea Parish Council

“The racking has helped us sort and tidy an old pavilion, which we’ve managed to save from being demolished. It’s used as storage only for all sorts of items that are used for our villages yearly fun day, which is free for all. Also it gives our handyman an area he can store left over goods and overall we’ll be able to utilise and make full use of the space, instead of falling over things and not being able to see what’s in there.

Pat Amos

Clerk & RFO, Wimblington & Stonea Parish Council

Hanover Primary School

“Thank you for such a smooth, efficient and helpful service.

This was our first experience of Collecteco, and I have been hugely impressed!”

Jack Sloan

Headteacher, Hanover Primary School

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