Top Ten Donations Schools Need

Written by Alex

Whether you loved it or preferred to spend your time elsewhere, school has had an influence on you – it could be that you had a penchant for maths, found a love of doing cross country in the rain or were inspired by a teacher to do what you do now!

We could argue that schools and teachers need to be better supported in order that they can focus more of their resources on their students. School budgets always seem to be under strain and that’s where donations of furniture, equipment and materials can make all the difference to education.

With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to share a top ten of donations that we find schools are always grateful for.


An image of an office swivel chair.

Now you may be thinking, the chair I have would not be suitable for a school. Well they may not be suitable for children but what about the teachers? Did you know that Musculoskeletal pain is the common cause of teacher absence in school? We’ve found that a lot of teachers are calling out for suitable chairs for their classroom. Back supporting office swivel chairs would be an excellent addition to a teacher’s classroom where commonly they are found using chairs made for children to do their work!


An image of a desk.

Again, we’re thinking about the teachers here. Most teachers do not have a desk suitable for their work, with many working off of the top of cabinets, with nowhere to put their feet, and therefore putting even more strain on their backs. Teachers need suitable desks, but more often than not they can be expensive and not a priority in the school’s spending allowances. If your office is relocating or refurbishing, we bet you have loads to donate.


An image of stationery.

If you know any teachers, then I bet you will also know that they love stationery – it seems to be the law! Sometimes school budgets are so tight that teachers have to dip into their own pockets to buy stationery bits and bobs. How many spare pens, sticky notes, staplers and other stationery items do you have lying around the office right now?


An image of a plant on a desk.

Not an obvious one! Research has proven that indoor plants can increase productivity and reduce stress. Plants will benefit both student and teacher, even allowing for children to experience the responsibility of looking after something. In an office move, office plants are often an after-thought with many being left to dry out and die. Don’t slack, tell Collecteco about these items and we’ll get them to a school in need ASAP.


An image of a guillotine cutter.

You may remember these handy tools from your own time at school but more often than not, schools have one of these to share amongst all the staff. One of the reasons for this is, they’re not cheap, and bad quality guillotines cutters only slow down time as they chew through the paper. Is one enough for all the teachers in your child’s local school? We think not.


An image of locked storage.

Children find their way into everything, so the need for locked drawers and cabinets in a school is a must – whether it be to store GDPR sensitive files or taking away a mobile phone that is being played on during class.


An image of a whiteboard.

Whiteboards are used every day in school, and with that much use comes a lot of wear and tear. At Collecteco, we’ve found that when donating whiteboards from an office project, they get snapped up by schools immediately!


An image of a noticeboard.

Similar to the whiteboard, noticeboards are used a lot in school. Do you remember the feeling of having your work displayed for all to see? More noticeboards in a school = more happy children.


An image of racking.

Schools need to maximise the use of the space they have, and one of the best ways of doing this is by using racking. Whether it be PE equipment or a place for all the extra stationery your office move has donated, schools want/need racking.


An image of carpet tiles in a classroom.

Schools are always looking to refurbish space for their children and one of the things that often gets thought of last is carpet tiles and when buying new, these aren’t cheap. If your office is refurbishing, please don’t throw away your used carpet tiles, places like schools need these to help spruce up a room and make drafty floors warm enough to sit on.

These items I have mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the items that schools would love to have donated.

If you get stuck donating to your local school, please give us a call.

Collecteco partners with companies across the UK to donate furniture, equipment and materials to charities, schools, NHS Trusts and other not for profit organisations.

We are currently experiencing phenomenal demand from NHS, emergency, homeless and other frontline services for donations of office/retail/commercial furniture, equipment and materials. We are also seeing a surge in demand across the UK as lockdown eases, with more than 1200 good causes registered on our wishlist system actively looking for donations ok kit.

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Collecteco: How We Work

Collecteco partner with UK companies to help them donate surplus furniture and equipment to charities, schools, the NHS and other not for profit good causes.


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